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ExamWritePad is the UK’s first word processor built and designed specifically for use with controlled assessments/exams. Written with guidelines set out by many UK exam boards, makes it unique and provides an answer to many a dilemma of which software to use


What’s New/Fixed?

  • Added: MP3 Player and CD Player are pinnable/unpinnable so they can be moved around the screen instead of just being docked.
  • Changed: The Symbol Button has been removed and all symbols have been added to the ‘Accent Characters’ Button. Therefore, these symbols have been split up and three new categories have been created: Scientific, Currency and Symbols. Therefore, the ‘Accent Characters’ button has now been renamed to ‘Accents / Symbols’. If there is no symbol within, you can still press F9 to bring up the Windows Character Map to select the symbol font and insert anything that EWP doesn’t have available. The main reason for doing this is because EWP uses the ‘PrintFontFamily’ config option, which will print the document in the configured font only. If you inserted symbols from the cymbal font, these would be converted to the ‘PrintFontFamily’ font and therefore look incorrect. To override the ‘PrintFontFamily’ and use the fonts contained in the document when printing, set ‘PrintFontFamily’ to nothing (leave the font box empty). Also with this name change, the config option to disable the button has been renamed from ‘Disable_Ribbon_Btn_CharMap’ to ‘Disable_Ribbon_Btn_AccentsSymbols’.
  • Fixed: MP3 Player now fits within its sidebar to accommodate smaller screen resolutions.
  • Fixed: When pressing Print with any sidebar open, the sidebar disappears and you have to press the Print button again to activate it which is cumbersome.
  • Fixed: Open an ExamText file, then press Print and Close, some values would be highlighted in red even though there were values inside them.
  • Added: Automatically insert the user’s candidate number from a specified Active Directory field/attribute. This will require you to use the ConfigEditorGUI to fill in the following options:

AD_Auth_User = {use any AD account, preferably one that has the lowest permissions}

AD_Auth_Pass  = {password for above account}

AD_GetCandidateNames = 1

AD_GetCandidateNumberFromADField = {select from ‘Description’ or ‘employeeID’}

AD_LDAPServer = {Server name or IP address}

AD_OU = {distingushedName of the OU you wish to search within} for example: OU=Pupils,DC=example,DC=co,DC=uk

  • Added: The Ribbon bar will now hide separator/divider bars if no buttons are visible in between, likewise if all the buttons/drop-downs on a tab are disabled, the tab will now be hidden also (The only tabs that can be completely hidden are Insert, View and Narrator).
  • Fixed: Config option ‘PrintCoversheet’ if set to 0 (disabled), would still show the print coversheet buttons and allow printing. 
  • Fixed: Config option ‘PrintCoversheet’ if set to 0 (disabled), would still auto-print the coversheet if either config option ‘PrintCoverSheet_Form2_AfterDocumentPrint’ or ‘PrintCoverSheet_Form4_AfterDocumentPrint’ were set to 1 (enabled).
  • Fixed: When clicking the ‘New’ button, the labels for ‘last auto-backup’ and ‘last auto-save’ are not reset on the ‘Help’ tab.
  • Fixed: Narrator voice selection has been disabled when narration has started and is re-enabled once you click on stop or the narration has run its course. 
  • Fixed: Using a colon in the Exam Subject on the Candidate Information Window would cause the auto-backups to fail. 
  • Added: Added new shortcut key combinations for CTRL + [ (decrease font size by 1),  CTRL + ] (increase font size by 1), CTRL + E (centre the selected text), CTRL + L (left-align the selected text), CTRL + R (right-align the selected text), CTRL + J (fully justify the selected text). Also, shortcuts for subscript and superscript have been added. CTRL and = will result in subscript and CTRL + SHIFT and  = will result in superscript.
  • Fixed: On the MP3 Player sidebar, double-clicking on the blank list of MP3 files will now prompt you to browse for a folder to select.
  • Fixed: If you have an MP3Player_PreloadPath specified in your config file, it will now disable the drag/drop on the audio list box and double-click to select a folder function. This is so the user cannot deviate from the predetermined list of files.
  • Fixed: The ‘FIleExists’ and ‘DirectoryExists’ functions would throw an exception if the path parameter were empty/blank. 
  • Changed: The text info has been removed within the MP3 Player and has been replaced with a help button so that more information can be displayed on how to use the MP3 player.
  • Added: MP3 Player can now support the following audio formats: AAC, FLAC, M4U, OGG, WAV, and WMA. By default the MP3 Player will only load a folder of MP3 files, therefore to activate other audio formats you need to set the config option ‘MP3Player_AdditionalAudioFormats’ to 1.
  • Fixed: CD Player sidebar now fits within its sidebar to accommodate smaller screen resolutions.
  • Added: Greek Polytonic Cosanants/Vowels/Symbols to the Accents/Symbols sidebar.
  • Added: A help button on the Accents/Symbols sidebar making room to extend the max number of available character buttons from 96 to 104.
  • Fixed: If your Locale language is not set to the US, for example, it is set to the UK, the ‘ZIra’ narrator voice is now hidden so that you only get the speech voices you have installed for your language.
  • Fixed: When exporting an Exam to DOCX format, the footer width would not be 100% of the page width, making it appear more enclosed.
  • Updated: Spire.DOC to version 10.7
  • Fixed: Accents/Symbols sider now hides all the empty buttons that are not in use for the language you have selected.
  • FIxed: MP3 audio player tracklist has been condensed down to filename only, so you don’t have to scroll across to see the name. 
  • Added: Config option ‘MP3Player_ShowOnStartup’ has been added so that you can display the MP3 audio player on the first run ready to go.
  • Fixed: ‘Export to DOCX’ feature would result in some instances, where the last paragraph of a double-line spaced document becomes single-line spaced.
  • Added: Accents/Symbols sidebar now has a large preview panel as you move the mouse over a character or symbol.




  Windows 11 Windows 10
(1903 or higher)
Windows 10
(1809 or below)
Windows 7
Microsoft® .NET Framework 4.8
Included Included Yes Yes
Microsoft® .Net Cumulative Updates for 3.5, 4.7.2 and 4.8
Included Included Yes Yes
Microsoft® Visual C++ 2013 Runtime (x64)
Yes Yes Yes Yes

Minimum Spec: Any 64bitCore 2 Duo, 2GB RAM, Windows® 7 (64bit) or later

Recommended Spec: Intel® Core™ i3 or AMD Ryzen™ 3 1200, 4GB RAM, Windows® 10 (64bit)*

ExamWritePad is a 64bit only application and can be run from a network location, but for best results, run from the local disk of each computer.

Please head on over to the download section and enjoy!

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